The British Naval Service

United Kingdom is an island surrounded by vast bodies of water. This kind of topography has made the country more accessible from foreign lands and also made its citizens capable of traveling during the times when only ships were the mode of transportation from country  to country. Comprised of the the Royal Navy and the Royal Marines, establishing a naval force has lead UK to its greatness even until  today.

United Kingdom’s naval force has been there since the 16th century. Labeled as the Senior Service, it was the most powerful navy in the world from the 17th century until the 20th century. This has brought Great Britain into its prime as it dominated the world. The Royal navy’s massive ships were present during the World War II and the Cold War as it battled its way to power and might.

Together with the British Army and the Royal Air Force, the Royal Navy belongs to the armed forces of the United Kingdom called Her Majesty’s Armed Forces. At present, the Royal Navy operates more on global expeditionary operations. Instead of battles, the UK naval force has been promoting peace and tighter international relations. Their current goal is to protect the country’s interest at home and abroad.

The marines at the UK naval force are being deployed all over the world to accomplish designated tasks. Their vessels and headquarters are located in the Mediterranean, North and South Atlantic to patrol the country’s matters abroad. In UK and abroad, some of the naval force’s concerns are the maintenance of the UK Nuclear Deterrent, delivery of the UK Commando force and provision of hydrographic and meteorological services deployable worldwide.

The UK naval force has an average of thirty five thousand marines lending its service to the country and even the world. These marines are trained in HMS Raleigh at Torpoint, Cornwall where a newly enlisted corps is sent for basic training. For initial officer training, marines are sent to Britannia Royal Naval College.

Life in the UK naval force entails a lot of perseverance on training and education. Though the benefits are abundant, sacrifices are made by being away from their families. UK marines train everyday physically and mentally. On the other hand, the UK naval force also conducts leisure activities for them by getting the marines involved in sports, charity work and community service. Belonging in the Naval Force is one of the most honorable occupations in the world. Serving the country first is what the British Armed Forces are meant to do and because of that, the country continues to stand firm.


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