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If you want to join the navy or become a navy officer in 2012 and secure your dream job then this website will help you achieve it. We provide insider information that you won't find anywhere else about the navy recruitment process.

This unique website is dedicated to the navy recruitment process with the aim of helping those who want to succeed get the edge over other applicants by learning from those who have already been successful! What better way to prepare than learn from people that already know what is takes to join the navy at the first attempt.

At Join The Navy.co.uk we have spent a number of years investigating the recruitment process from the application form stage to the royal navy testing stage and the final navy interview (often considered the most challenging part of the whole navy selection process).

To ensure our advice, tips and knowledge are update we have interviewed successful candidates and current serving recruitment staff (and continue to do so) to help give you the edge from the other navy applicants. The jobs market is very competitive with recruiters being very selective about who they hire and bring onboard, use this website and the information provided to stand out from the rest.

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